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Professional Dog walker Tottenham

At Walkingdogsrus, we pursue dog walking, dog sitting and dog training in Tottenham and surrounding areas. We know how important your furry friends are to you; how much they are loved, becoming a huge part of the family. There is nobody that understands this more than us and is why your dog will be treated as if it were one of our own, with respect, care and attention.

​ We have been walking dogs for over four years, showing compassion towards your canine pals, reflected through our philosophy of pure dog walking, meaning no vans and no cars, for smaller and more controlled groups. Your dogs are picked up from your home and walked to and throughout the spacious Tottenham Marshes, where they will exercise, play ball games and socialise with our other dogs.

​ In order to provide you with peace of mind, at your request, we will make sure to send you pictures and videos of your furry family member having fun with us! We will inform you on how your dog is progressing, as we understand that not all dogs are the same age and will be at different levels, especially puppies, keeping you connected!

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Our walks last for 1 hour

Any extra time if the pack are having fun
is at no extra cost to you!

​ Cost per dog for one walk is £15

Day care is £25
Boarding is £30

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Boarding & Daycare


Your dog will board in a family home with myself and my two teenage children, making it home from home! We aim to make the transition between homes as easy and comfortable as possible for both of you, so we do understand if you feel the need to get in contact during the stay.
As well as having their own bed, favourite toys and treats, there is no lack of love and affection whilst at our home.
Boarding consists of three daily walks: morning, afternoon and evening.
We make sure to follow any special requirements your dog may have including allergies, medicines, dietary requirements etc.

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Your dog will be picked up from your home and exercised.
During the day your pet will join their friends on two hourly walks.

​ We always make sure that, at the end of the day, they have "done their business" before returning home to you!

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"Hannah all I can say is, since you have been walking Milo, he has become so much more disciplined and I notice how you call him when you come to pick him up. You have really got a bond with him and he loves going on walks with you. You have made the difference in his life, he is a much happier dog, so thank you very much"
- Kaz Aziz

"Poppy is so happy to go out with you and loves her trips to the marshes to play with the other dogs. She is so much more confident now than when she arrived with me. As a rescue dog she has had difficult times in the past and your understanding of this and your patience with her has done wonders. It's brilliant too that when Annie comes to stay you get the two of them out together- that really helps. And the occasional walk of Hattie my foster helps no end. As a little old lady she doesn't really keep up with the young dogs but a trundle out now and again is brilliant. Thanks so much"
-Emma Vick

" We met this lovely lady last year and our large breed dog walks and runs with her with a weekly frequency. She is a real professional, always caring and loving with our dog. When he sees her he just forget about us!!! She helped us to train our dog out from puppy issues and we can say that she really knows what is all about with dogs... We trust her completely and she looks even after our cat and fishes when we are off the country. Would recommend Hannah to anyone with any size/dog breed"
- Michael and Giada, Tatanka's owners

"I was having so much trouble with Frankie, on the verge of giving up. You really have made such a difference. Its not just the big walks but all of the extra training you put in You are very important to us as a family Frankie really loves you xx"

"Such a great help! Thanks for taking care of Linda and being so good at it! x" ​

"Brookie sits and waits by the door until you arrive in the morning! So funny! He does love you and his walks Thanks Hannah"

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